Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My husband is getting his taste for travel, but not quite ready to go it alone yet. His Uncle and Aunt love Puerto Vallarta (PV) and were already going for a month in January and invited us to join them. So for the end of January we got to explore PV with a couple of experts. They have been going to PV for about ten years and dont limit themselves to all inclusive resorts.


We stayed at the Icon Vallarta, a condo building that houses permanent and non-permanent residents. It is a favourite place for Mexicans to stay while on vacation as well. It is a trio of high rise condos, with two pools, two hot tubs, a gym, a restaurant, beach front, and offers parking, day care and house cleaning. It was absolutely beautiful. I would definitely live there if I could.

Our first night in PV we arrived just in time to unpack, relax and go to supper. We went to a favourite of Roberts uncle, Que Pasa? Translated as whats up. It was a nice place and I wish we would have went back. They has excellent entertainment, open kitchen and friendly atmosphere.


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