Month: September 2017

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Tear Drop Trailer Summer 2018

We are going to have some new adventures next year when we take out our tear drop trailer. I have tried to convince Robert  we need a trailer for a while. But we just couldn’t agree on anything. The Debate: Trailer / Motor Home / Tent Trailer Trailer: PRO: Already packed; Hook up and go; Once on site, unhook and go; can stop anywhere and go to bed; CON: Need a truck, poor mileage, big Motor home: PRO: Already packed; One vehicle/ no towing; Can stop anywhere and go to bed; CON: Poor mileage; Cannot leave site without removing vehicle; harder to get around Tent-trailer: PRO: Already packed; Can pull with car; Better mileage, already packed; CON: Set-up I am pro trailer I love the ease showing up, un-hooking and your good to go. You still have a vehicle to whip around in. It stays packed when you aren’t using it. Which is why I wanted to get away from tenting. And I found a solution that was a happy middle ground. A Tear Drop Trailer. Small enough the …