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Tear Drop Trailer Summer 2018

We are going to have some new adventures next year when we take out our tear drop trailer. I have tried to convince Robert  we need a trailer for a while. But we just couldn’t agree on anything. The Debate: Trailer / Motor Home / Tent Trailer Trailer: PRO: Already packed; Hook up and go; Once on site, unhook and go; can stop anywhere and go to bed; CON: Need a truck, poor mileage, big Motor home: PRO: Already packed; One vehicle/ no towing; Can stop anywhere and go to bed; CON: Poor mileage; Cannot leave site without removing vehicle; harder to get around Tent-trailer: PRO: Already packed; Can pull with car; Better mileage, already packed; CON: Set-up I am pro trailer I love the ease showing up, un-hooking and your good to go. You still have a vehicle to whip around in. It stays packed when you aren’t using it. Which is why I wanted to get away from tenting. And I found a solution that was a happy middle ground. A Tear Drop Trailer. Small enough the …

Beautiful British Columbia

Looking back on a wonder Thanksgiving weekend spent in the BC mountains. I was living in Gravelbourg, but had nothing to do for Thanksgiving, so a wonderful friend invited me home with her. She grew up in Jaffery, BC and she was right; it just smells good the minute you get there. It is so beautiful and fresh. I totally understand why people love going there. We went on a little sight-seeing excursion, unfortunately I do not remember the names of where we went, but the pictures are too beautiful not to share.

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Why Sólarfrí // Solarfri

I came across with word sólarfrí when I was looking up languages that have words that don’t have a direct translation to english. Sólarfrí is an Icelandic that roughly translates to “sun-vacation,” the word is used when its a beautiful day and employee’s are told go enjoy the afternoon see you tomorrow. I started Sólarfrí to document and share what I learn and inspire others to let go of the norms and create your dream life. I want to show that this is possible and encourage change for others to start new habits and live your best life. I believe that we all have something to offer. Something good and rich that gives back and can impact the lives of others. I wish that we would all learn to really live and have healthy vibrant lives. ♥︎ Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have followed my grade 12 desktop publishing teachers advice and followed my passion. If I would have started uploading blog posts, videos, photos, graphic designs, pursuing photoshop more vigorously ten years ago …

WindScape Festival 2017 in Swift Current

The annual Windscape Festival in Swift Current, SK is becoming a big deal. Its a pretty neat festival, during the day its geared towards kids, but when going as a group is a super fun. You’re encouraged to bring a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy watching the kites. There is always music playing and you defninetly need to take a stroll through the festival seeing the artisans that came to give a show and play in the activities that are put out for the kids.   Kite flyers range from professional kite   flyers to you and your kids. You get to see some pretty amazing kites and wind permitting there is never a shortage in the sky. By night there is the long days night music festival with some impressive acts coming to small town Saskatchewan. Its definitely grown since the last time I went, a couple years ago and now they expect around 8,000 people at the festival. I missed the evening shows this year, but the  kite festival was a blast with …