Things bought for my Trip to Cuba

When we were planning our trip to Cuba we decided we were going to pack as light as possible and make sure that as many items are possible were multi use. Admittedly Robert did a better job of this then I did.  One item that he bought that I will make a purchase of was the Gomex ultra light packable backpack. being able to crush that and get it out of the way on travel days was awesome. He bought the 30L, I definitely want one for the next trip but a little smaller. I do not need 30L of backpack.

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We invested in some packing cubes and compartments to keep our stuff organized and wrinkle free and I wouldn’t go back. I compartmentalize everything now. I even use small zip bag in my purse to keep little things from floating around the bottom. I cannot handle the chaos anymore! Robert loved the foldable shirt organizer and also kept his dress pants in there to make sure they stayed nice.


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14 Days in a Carry On

I am pretty much packed for Cuba and I dont leave for another two and a half months. I get a little ahead of myself when there is a trip on the horizon. So I thought I would make a list if what I am packing pre trip and write again after the trip to say what I over packed or what I felt I was missing.

The trip consists of 2 days in Varadero, 2 days in Vinales and 8 days in Havana.

For Varadero I will need the things for a beach day and a day of touring. Vinales is a day of horseback riding, and a day of touring and possibly swimming. All the days in Havana are spent walking around, touring museums and sightseeing, with evening required for the Tropicana Show.

So I always start out making my packing list by listing what I need for a step in the process or event. I visualize each day and what I could possibly need. Remember when your walking around all day you need to have everything you could need on you.

  1. Inflight & bus rides
  2. Beach Days
  3. Walking Tours
  4. Horseback Riding
  5. Nights out
  6. Sleep
  7. Toiletries
  8. Anything that will add to trip and make better

Then I create Micro Lists for each of the above mentioned days.


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