14 Days in a Carry On

I am pretty much packed for Cuba and I dont leave for another two and a half months. I get a little ahead of myself when there is a trip on the horizon. So I thought I would make a list if what I am packing pre trip and write again after the trip to say what I over packed or what I felt I was missing.

The trip consists of 2 days in Varadero, 2 days in Vinales and 8 days in Havana.

For Varadero I will need the things for a beach day and a day of touring. Vinales is a day of horseback riding, and a day of touring and possibly swimming. All the days in Havana are spent walking around, touring museums and sightseeing, with evening required for the Tropicana Show.

So I always start out making my packing list by listing what I need for a step in the process or event. I visualize each day and what I could possibly need. Remember when your walking around all day you need to have everything you could need on you.

  1. Inflight & bus rides
  2. Beach Days
  3. Walking Tours
  4. Horseback Riding
  5. Nights out
  6. Sleep
  7. Toiletries
  8. Anything that will add to trip and make better

Then I create Micro Lists for each of the above mentioned days.


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