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Havana Apartment Cuba

AirBnb Apartamentos PLAEZ No. 1, Havana, Cuba

After being in Cuba for a week and staying in other Casa Particulars we were a little disappointed we didn’t save money and rent just a room while we were in Havana too, but within one day of staying at the apartment we changed our tune. Staying seven days in the same place the apartment was aweome. Also we had a sick day that made having the apartment also awesome. In the end I am glad we had pre-booked and couldn’t back out, because it gave us space, privacy and made us go out and explore for things like food and water and really pushed us out of our comfort zone. The front entry held a garage then a porch where cast iron rocking chairs awaited an evening cigar session. There was two layers of gates to get through to the front door. Seeing all the gates everywhere is a little daunting and makes you wonder about crime, but there was never any indication that crime was a problem, but with almost every house being …

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AirBnb Hotel Escalona in Boca de Camarioca, Cuba

We had planned to start our trip in varadero, spend a couple days exploring and figuring the place out, before carrying on the to the next adventure. It wasnt until just before we left canada that we realized the Casa Particular, Hotel Escalona, we booked with on Airbnb was not in Varadero, but in a small town outside of Varadero. This ended up being an amazing oppsie, because we met Pedro and his wife, whom were amazing people and super helpful to us, as well Boca de Camarioca was an excellent first experience of cuba. The first night we were there we walked to a restaurant and had a snack and a drink before walking down to the beach. The next day we caught the bus that takes you into Varadero for $0.10 CUC (US) a person and is approximately ten minutes of travel. Its also really easy and cheap to catch the bus going the other direction to Mantzanas for $0.20 a person and is closer to 30 min on a bus.