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Piper's Lagoon Beach in Nanaimo, BC - Vancouver Island

Neck Point, Piper’s Lagoon & Departure Bay, Nanaimo

I spent the afternoon after I got off the plane driving along the coast enjoying the sights close to home. Piper’s Lagoon, Neck Point and Departure Bay are all local favourites for spending the day by the ocean. It was amazing to me how strong the ocean smelt here. I don’t remember the ocean smelling as much to me when I was younger or in Mexico or Cuba. It was a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy the water’s edge. The wind was a little sharp at times and staying near the trees helped cut down on the cold. Neck Point A beautiful beach with some trails winding along the coast taking you into the cliffs to get a wonderful view. Some excellent areas for photography, there was a another group there at the same time taking fashion photos. At base there is a concrete pad with benches that has been well used for photo sessions and weddings. The view off the platform is a wonderful compliment to any day. Piper’s Lagoon A beautiful walking path that takes …