Tear Drop Trailer Summer 2018

Tear Drop Trailer Summer 2018

We are going to have some new adventures next year when we take out our tear drop trailer.

I have tried to convince Robert  we need a trailer for a while. But we just couldn’t agree on anything.

The Debate: Trailer / Motor Home / Tent Trailer

  • Trailer: PRO: Already packed; Hook up and go; Once on site, unhook and go; can stop anywhere and go to bed; CON: Need a truck, poor mileage, big
  • Motor home: PRO: Already packed; One vehicle/ no towing; Can stop anywhere and go to bed; CON: Poor mileage; Cannot leave site without removing vehicle; harder to get around
  • Tent-trailer: PRO: Already packed; Can pull with car; Better mileage, already packed; CON: Set-up

I am pro trailer I love the ease showing up, un-hooking and your good to go. You still have a vehicle to whip around in. It stays packed when you aren’t using it. Which is why I wanted to get away from tenting. And I found a solution that was a happy middle ground.

A Tear Drop Trailer.

Small enough the car and pull it = good mileage. Big enough we can keep it packed = camp all summer easy. Always ready = stop anywhere, when-ever and go to bed or make a meal. And because it’s a trailer, unhook and go for an adventure.

I could already feel the win in this debate.

After camping this summer and waking up with a sore back I officially had Robert on my side. We need something with a real bed in it. So we have decided to get ourselves a tear drop trailer. Summer 2018 here we come! I cannot wait for March when our trailer will arrive on our doorstep.

When we decided we were going this route Robert researched what was available and found a small town Ontario manufacturer TheTearDropTrailer.com. They built the first one for themselves and found a need, eventually growing the business to need a shop. Now they build five at a time and share who’s trailer is in production through their Instagram.

Super excited to get our trailer and watch their Instagram account for when they call Roberts name that our trailer is in production.

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