Why Sólarfrí // Solarfri

Why Sólarfrí // Solarfri

I came across with word sólarfrí when I was looking up languages that have words that don’t have a direct translation to english. Sólarfrí is an Icelandic that roughly translates to “sun-vacation,” the word is used when its a beautiful day and employee’s are told go enjoy the afternoon see you tomorrow.

I started Sólarfrí to document and share what I learn and inspire others to let go of the norms and create your dream life. I want to show that this is possible and encourage change for others to start new habits and live your best life.

I believe that we all have something to offer. Something good and rich that gives back and can impact the lives of others. I wish that we would all learn to really live and have healthy vibrant lives. ♥︎

Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have followed my grade 12 desktop publishing teachers advice and followed my passion. If I would have started uploading blog posts, videos, photos, graphic designs, pursuing photoshop more vigorously ten years ago I would have an automated income now. SO much success comes from time investment and I enjoyed it, but was constantly told you just need a regular job or to go to college to get a job.

Now, while I am looking around to find ways to start a business and get out of a day to day grind I hate, I am constantly fining people who live off their earnings online. They started ten plus years ago.

No one knew how powerful the internet would be, but gosh darn it sucks to start late.

So cheers to all those you have succeeded and I cannot wait to join you.

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